Vertical and Horizontal orientation options available.

Choose an optional frame to complete your art.

Both sides of the tree slab were printed with one color, so the ring pattern will change depending on which color you choose.

Side A: Deep Gray

Side B: Forest Green


This cookie (tree slice) was taken from a Lake Ponderosa, Iowa tree after it fell through my brother's RV during a bad storm. A local miller sliced it up then I dried it a few years. Now I've flattened it out and raised the grain to make these beautiful relief prints. It's an excellent reminder of nature and the power of turning lemons into lemonade! Each print is unique as the organic nature of the cookie is difficult to control. So every print is 1 of 1, V/E for variable edition. They are also titled and signed by the artist.

Tree Cookie Relief Print - Ponderosa 1