Change the letter "O" to suit the season, holiday, or your mood! Your choice of the words love, home, or Iowa with the "O" replaced with a dot of hook and loop fastener, allowing you to change to any of our fun icons. Each sign comes with the four icons representing the seasons: snowflake, winter; tree, spring; sun, summer; leaf, fall.


Optionally you can add our six piece holiday and/or four piece Iowa sets.

Holiday: Pumpkin, Evergreen, Heart, Clover, US flag, fireworks - $20

Iowa: State Flag, Goldfinch (state bird), Oak Leaf (state tree), Prarie Rose (state flower) - $16


Dimensions: approximately 17 inches accross by 12 inches tall by 1/2 inch thick.

Always Welcome in Iowa

PriceFrom $35.00