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Old German design mixed with modern American manufacuring. We use our laser to cut German scrollsaw patterns, then hand assemble the parts. Your pyramid will come with all blades glued in place. You'll only need to gently place the spindle back on the pin to start spinning again.


Carolers Design Measures Roughly 18 inches high by 10 inches diameter. Angel Tree, Children's Tree, and Sun/Moon/Star are all roughly 12 inches high by 10 inches diameter


The bearing allowing the disc to spin has been built using simple office and hardware store parts to make repair simple. While we found replacement German parts can cost $20 for one of 3-4 required parts, small finishing nails and black binder clips are all you need to replace the bottom "bearing." We will also inclue 4 replacement blades in the event some break. The connection joint can be cleared out and a new blade glued in. Repair and troubleshooting guild will be included. 

Patience: 3/5

Difficutly: 1/5

German Pyramid

PriceFrom $75.00
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